Bite at First Sight

Scandals with Bite, #3

There’s just something about Brooklyn Ann’s books that keep me coming back for more. They are smart, funny, unique, and entertaining. I couldn’t wait to read the latest in her Scandals with Bite series and I was not disappointed. This book has it all, a villainous villain, vampires that are to die for, and a well-developed plot with a fun, strong heroine and even more intriguing hero. After the first two books, which were top notch, I couldn’t rate this one less than a 5 because I absolutely loved it.

Cassandra Burton is fascinated by medicine and wants nothing more than to become a doctor but the very London patriarch laugh at the idea of a woman doctor. She’s used to finding ways around the archaic males though and turns to robbing graves in order to find anatomy subjects to study. Little does she know she’s chosen the wrong cemetery to rob because this one just happens to be inhabited by vampires. Rafael Villar, Lord Vampire of London can’t believe he’s faced with having to keep Cassandra prisoner while they figure out what to do with the larcenous body snatcher. If that isn’t enough he’s also got a rebellion on his hands and some of his subjects has disappeared. He hasn’t always been the nicest friend so he’s not really sure if he even has allies that he can call on, but as he a Cassandra grow closer he realizes that their only chance of survival is to call in some reinforcements from the past.

Book Blurb for Bite at First Sight

Her interest is purely scientific

Cassandra Burton wants to study medicine, surgery, healing, and everything related to the human body and its mysteries-and she's willing to rob graves to do it! But a lady can meet dark and dangerous characters lurking around the cemetery. And who could be more fascinating than Rafael Villar, Lord Vampire of London? If she could study his physiology, she could learn so much that would help humans. After all, he's immortal-and Cassandra is now his prisoner...

Until she gets close enough to touch

As if Rafael didn't have enough to worry about, with a rebellion brewing and his allies out of reach, now he's confronted by a beautiful, fearless lady who wants to heal the scars he's born for centuries. He can't keep her, and he can't let her go, and worst of all, he's every bit as intrigued by her as she is by him.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 5.00