Bedeviled Angel

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Bedeviled Angel

Works Like Magick Series, #2

The newest installment in the Works Like Magic Series takes a departure from the previous dragon theme and instead focuses on angels. The hero of the story is a guardian angel, Chance Godricson, who has formed a close attachment with one of his charges. This particular charge, Queisha Saint-Denis, suffers from acute agoraphobia and is also the woman that Chance gave his life for 8 years ago. With the help of his best friend and fellow angel Angus, Chance returns to earth as a mortal to help our heroine with the unexpected arrival of her two surrogate children, who were recently orphaned. Although, our heroine has no idea of who and what Chance really is, they develop an even closer bond and Chance helps her face many of her fears.

Annette Blair has out done herself with this installment of the series, and once again provides a classic story of love that can overcome all odds.

Book Blurb for Bedeviled Angel

In a building collapse, Chance Godricson is meant to live and Queisha Saint-Denis to die, but he sent her up his escape tunnel before him, and it collapsed behind her. At that moment, he became her guardian angel. Now Queisha's about to face the most difficult challenge of her life and Chance wants to be there for her. Enter Angus, a fellow angel, who knocks Chance back to earth, and to Queisha, without permission. Will the archangels let Chance stay? For how long? And at what cost?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00