A Little Mischief

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A Little Mischief

Isabella Winslowe is trying to live a respectable life free from inordinate attention. When she stumbles across Gretchen Colebrooke standing over a murdered body with a vase in her hand she knows she's in trouble. When Gretchen's brother Daniel shows up and turns out to be the Earl of Colebrooke she knows she is in deeper than she can imagine. Daniel will do anything to save his sister, even if it means hounding her to keep her silent.

Daniel is shocked to find himself embroiled in a scandalous murder that could destroy his family. Sure his sister is innocent he must find a way to save her and keep the delectable Isabelle silent in the meantime. This is further complicated when the murdered man's body disappears. Deciding to stick close to Isabelle, Daniel finds himself intrigued by the beautiful, witty, and fun woman. Though he knows he must settle down and find a bride soon, Isabelle is not quite what he had in mind, and certainly not with a scandal hanging in the balance. As he grows more and more captivated by Isabelle, Daniel comes to realize it's more than just his sister's reputation that is at risk.

This book is an enjoyable read. The pacing is well done and the topic interesting. Fans of Amelia Grey will enjoy her latest Regency endeavor. The writing style matches nicely to the characters and the mystery elements are carefully balanced with the somewhat comedic tone of the story.

Book Blurb for A Little Mischief

If a murdered man doesn’t ruin Isabella’s reputation, this dashing earl certainly will…

Isabella Winslowe is finally gaining respectability when the unthinkable happens: she finds the Earl of Colebrooke’s sister in the back garden with a stone cupid in her hand and a dead man at her feet.

The last thing Isabella wants to deal with is a formidable earl who is willing to go to great lengths to protect his sister’s reputation from a murder scandal. As Daniel Colebrooke begins following Isabella around the ton, desperate to keep her from spreading her story and making mischief, he can’t help but notice how captivating she is. And if he’s not careful, he could lose his heart along with his sister’s reputation…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50