Touch of Black Velvet

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Touch of Black Velvet

When you read novels regarding shifters, they all begin to be the same. But in Brieanna Robertson's novel, "Touch of Black Velvet," she takes you on a different journey. Her Shifters are the same and yet different. The time period she writes in, post-apocalyptic Earth, holds new ideas. I did not find myself getting bored. Every time I thought I had her story figured out, it changed. I would highly recommend Brieanna's novel. "Touch of Black Velvet" is a wonderful read!

Book Blurb for Touch of Black Velvet

There were exactly two things I knew about shifters…

One was that they were to be feared. The other was that they ruled our cities…

In a post-apocalyptic world Reya has nothing to live for but her next fix. That changes when she is left for dead on the street and saved by a mysterious, gorgeous stranger…a shifter. He offers her a strange choice.

Fear and self-preservation have made Reya bold and brash, but how can she refuse a man who speaks of such fantastic things? And how can she resist a man whose touch is like black velvet?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.75