Showdown in Mudbug

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Showdown in Mudbug

Ghost-in-law #3

I found myself spellbound reading Jana Deleon's book, "Showdown in Mudbug." The family went hungry, the chores left for another day; I had to know more about Raissa's secret past. I needed find out if Officer Zach would fall in love, see if Sonny Herbert was going to commit a murder, and find out if Helena the ghost were going to be of any help solving the kidnapping of 6-year-old Melissa Franco. Was anyone truly who they said they were? "Showdown in Mudbug" is action packed and flows beautifully. You have romance, alien kidnappings, fugitive FBI agents, unauthorized medical procedures, a clumsy ghost and a mobster who suddenly seems helpful. This is a must read mystery!

Book Blurb for Showdown in Mudbug

Who Killed Helena Henry?

Actually, considering her past, a better question would be: who didn’t want her dead? Prying, spying, pushy, pesky—she was the most meddlesome mother-in-law in all of Louisiana. Death hasn’t changed anything, either. Her specter still roams and is looking for justice...and a snack.

Of course, mortals such as self-proclaimed psychic Raissa Bordeaux believe there are more important mysteries to be solved. One involves a rash of child kidnappings. Another is New Orleans Detective Zach Blanchard: why do such fine behinds always end up on such uptight men? If only her crystal ball really gave answers. Instead, she’ll have to rely on Mudbug’s garrulous ghost, her own dark past and a Bayou boy-in-blue who might turn out to be her very own frog prince.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00