Sex Symbol

Once again I wish there were more stars in the rating process. Tracey Kitts' novel "Sex Symbol" is fantastic!!!! Her characters, Lucy Harper, Eramus, Oz, James, Wolf, and more all weave a story that is so much fun to read. I found myself daydreaming about what I had read until I could pick up her book and continue on. I found myself wondering, which of the characters were Werewolf's, who were the bad guys, what was Oz's job. Who was going to fall in love with who. Each fact unfolds itself in due time throughout the story. There were more Werewolves than Vampires, but heck, I was so tied up in the story line of the Werewolves alone, that any mention of a vampire paled. Tracey Kitts will have you guessing right up to the end!!! I can't recommend her novel enough.

Book Blurb for Sex Symbol

Lucy Harper always thought of herself as an ordinary woman, but she suddenly finds herself in extraordinary circumstances. Her sleepy hometown of Peace, Mississippi, turns out to be far from peaceful, what with shapeshifters, vampires and other departures from the “good ol’ Southern boy” stereotype cropping up. Her best friends are all hiding devastating secrets. Her ex-boyfriend is suddenly interested in making up. Her sexy new boyfriend is not only the hottest guy she’s ever met, he’s got some pretty big secrets himself, including what he really is and what he does—besides providing the best sex she’s ever had, that is.

And her new tattoo might be more than a picture of her favorite flower—according to the local werewolf pack, it’s a “sex symbol”. There may be a fight to the death over who gets to claim her as mate.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00