Scared of Spiders

I really enjoyed reading Eve Langlais' novelette, "Scared of Spiders." As Josie dealt with the dreams that caused her to have a fear of Spiders, I could fully empathize with her. Josie was able to grow strong. Clint and Brandon, two werewolves, knew right away Josie was their mate. In the end, Josie was able to conquer her fear of spiders. This novelette had a mystery to solve, muscle flexing action to enjoy, and of course love making. Eve Langlais is a good author and I would fully recommend reading her novels. 

Book Blurb for Scared of Spiders

Word Count: 26,100

Josie’s not a brave person, and she’s especially scared of spiders. Imagine her surprise when she finds herself attracted to not one, but two, larger than life men.

Clint and Brandon both want the timid mouse who’s come to work for them, and their beasts are chafing to mark her, but when she can’t decide between them, there’s only one thing to do--share her.

Before they can convince Josie that a threesome would benefit them all, they need to take care of the menace threatening their chosen mate. And when Josie confronts the bogeyman of her nightmares, she discovers an emotion stronger than fear--love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75