Natalie Locke and the Sundancer

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Natalie Locke and the Sundancer

Natalie Locke Shapeshifter # 2

Leah Leonard is a fantastic author. I absolutely loved reading "Natalie Locke & The Sundancer." I loved how she brought in information on the uses of stones, how she brought in some Native American traditions, and most of all, the hidden message of how to get along with a "bully." Natalie was in a terrible accident and suffered a number of injuries. Through her lessons in stones and their usefulness in healing as well as learning to travel without her body, she was able to heal herself in time to go to the prom with Cody - a goal she had set for herself. Lone Eagle was her teacher and mentor in the first part of her journey of learning. With her best friend Tracy at her side, they get into the typical problems of teenagers. I found this book to be a wonderful read. The only frustration I had, and it's only a frustration because Leah Leonard is a great author, is that "Natalie Locke & The Sundancer" is book 2 in a series. Not having read the first book, I found myself a little lost and needing to catch up. Once I began to catch on, the pages flew by....I couldn't put her book down. Then I hit another frustrating bump......there must be another book that carries on the story. I highly recommend this series!

Book Blurb for Natalie Locke and the Sundancer

Natalie Locke learned her lessons about texting while driving the hard way when an eighteen-wheeler crossed her path and she nearly lost her life. Thanks to her accident, she met her new mentor, Lone Eagle, a Native American Shaman who is destined to teach her about the healing powers in the rocks and stones she sells in her shop.

Can Lone Eagle teach her enough to mend her broken bones and dance at her high school prom?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25