Moon Watchers

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Moon Watchers

Hunter Series, #2

Sandra Cox's novel, "Moon Watchers" is a great read. I found myself thoroughly caught up in the lives of the various characters. Some characters were my favorite, some not so much. There was a mystery to be solved, a romance to encourage, and werewolves to be killed. There was even a twist or surprise at the end (for those of you who read the end first I'd strongly advise waiting it out until you've read the rest first). Who can ask for anything more within a novel! I strongly recommend you reading "Moon Watchers." 

Book Blurb for Moon Watchers

His feet splayed his fist on his hips, he stood with his back to me facing the window. Power radiated from him. I could feel it like a cloak…or a shroud.

The wolves outside the window began to whimper and back away.

Icy fingers of fear crawled up my spine. The hair on my neck rose. Moonlight pooled around his tall muscled body and threw a long black shadow across the floor.

Inch by inch the wolves backed up, whining, uneasy. The thumping at the door ceased.

What the—? This is way past weird. I don’t know of any pranics with this kind of power. I locked my wobbly knees and lifted my chin fighting against the trembles. I knew if I gave in to it, I would shake so badly, I’d be banging against the door like those ravening werewolves were only moments before.

I waited, dreading the moment he would turn to face me. The seconds stretched.

He swung around. His mouth closed. Relief like a monsoon swept through me. At the moment, I didn’t think I could deal with the man of my dreams drawing back his lips and exposing fangs.

“What are you? Who are you?” I asked through chattering teeth.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75