Hot Holiday Houseguests

Cheryl Dragon's novelette, "Hot Holiday Houseguests" is a hot, sexy read that is filled with holiday ideas. Mark doesn't mind sharing his soon to be wife with his cousins. Kelly, was raised by prudish parents and Mark helps her to accept her sexuality and her appetite for sex, kinky sex, threesome sex. If you're a smoker you will need a pack after reading Cheryl's novelette. Its smokin hot!

Book Blurb for Hot Holiday Houseguests

Kelly always tried to be a good girl. Finally, she found the man who let her be a little bad with him and gave her the playful discipline she craved. That’s the man to marry! Engaged and looking forward to a nice Christmas with his family, she couldn’t be happier with her great guy and amazing sex life. Could she?

When her fiancé Mark’s two sexy cousins come to stay for the holidays and burst in on the couple during sex, her shock quickly turns to arousal. She goes from having one hot man to three, and Mark is behind it all. A girl could get used to having three men fulfilling her sexual needs. But is this a treat for the holidays or can she actually keep them all?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50