Hearts A Plenty

Rosemary Gunn took a risk when she wrote, "Hearts A Plenty." In this novelette she raises the question of just what would you consider being related. Are step-siblings by marriage related or is there enough distance from the gene pool to consider them not really related. Clair, Jared and Mark make quite the unusual threesome and yet they seem to love each other. Yes, there's hearts a plenty for their relationship. They worry how their family will react to their relationship. While I found the story to be very thought provoking, I also found it to be unbelievable in some ways. I feel the Author is worth watching for future novels. I'll be putting her on my list of authors to keep track of and read.

Book Blurb for Hearts A Plenty

Welcome to Awry, the sleepy Midwest town where family roots run deep and friendships deeper; where passion burns white-hot and secrets are everybody’s business.

Claire and Jared’s love affair is intense before Mark arrives in town for the Thanksgiving holiday. The three spend the week partaking in each other, expressing their gratitude and the spirit of sharing in the most erotic and physical way possible. But when the lovers must gather around the festive family table to celebrate and give thanks, will their newly expanded relationship be met with approval or shame? Claire loves both men and they are indeed her lovers, but Mark is also something more. Her stepbrother. Will they have the courage to fight for the love in their hearts?

Contains: Ménage, MFM, anal play/sex; polyamory 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 3.50