Forever Claimed

Wolves of East Anglia, #2

All I want in my Easter Basket this Spring is an Immortal Werewolf particular I'd like to place my order for Brand. Marisa Chenery's novel, "Forever Claimed (Wolves of East Anglia, #2)" is amazing. I found myself wrapped up in the characters, especially Kamryn and Algar. I have to admit, I enjoyed this story so much I found myself going into make-believe land where I just might become mate to one of the Immortal Werewolf Warriors. But alas, I looked into the mirror at my white hair and reality came back to me. I believe this novel worth reading and highly recommend it. I'm now going to have to get #1 as well as put Marisa Chenery on my "watch" list so that I won't miss my next installment of Wolves of East Anglia. Oh, did I say I really enjoyed reading "Forever Claimed?"

Book Blurb for Forever Claimed

Out for a walk on her fist evening of her holiday in Norwich, England, Kamryn finds herself literally knocked on her butt by a gorgeous hunk of a man named Algar. He is quick to apologize when he helps her to her feet, and holds her hand a little longer than necessary, but he still reluctantly rushes after the man who he had been chasing. Kamryn returns to her hotel, sure she won't see him again.

Algar quickly takes down the werewolf sired by Fenris the wolf, in the hopes of finding the woman he'd knocked over before she disappears. After following her scent, only to come to a dead end at the hotel's elevator, he plans to return in the morning to wait for her to put in an appearance. When she does, he finds she stirs his wolf as much as she stirs his body.

Certain she is the woman meant for him, meant to be forever claimed by an immortal werewolf warrior, he knows he can't let her go, even if she comes to fear what he is.

Publisher's Note: This was previously published.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00