Fire and Ash

Another Fastastic Novel!!!! Anne Patrick's novel, "Fire and Ash" is a well-written novel that flows wonderfully. I would call this novel a "religious romantic mystery." You have more than one story going on within the novel and yet they all stay together and you don't get lost.

There is Sadie, who's had a personal experience with fire and has lost her faith in God. There is Quinn, who also has a personal experience of loss and yet he drew strength from his belief in God. There is the Ingram house fire.....who and why the fire.......was Larissa, a college student, murdered or was it an accident? Who's trying to prevent Sadie from investigating the fire? Will Quin (Emerald Point's Sherrif) and Sadie (a State Fire Marshal Investigator) get through their differences and be able to forge a strong relationship together? You'll have to read "Fire and Ash" to learn the answers.

A fantastic read!

Book Blurb for Fire and Ash

Fire Investigator Sadie McGregor has been called to her hometown of Emerald Point, Missouri to investigate a suspicious fire which claimed the life of a local college student. By appearance the fire looks like the girl was just careless. What Sadie and Sheriff Quinn Harrington discover will not only affect those close to them, but will rock the entire community of Emerald Point and put Sadie’s life on the line.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00