Diamond in the Snow

Diana Hunter addresses a tough topic in her novel, "Diamond in the Snow. Carolyn is a submissive and has accepted her quirks as being a part of who she is. Her only problem is how is she going to find a man who can satisfy her sexually. Paul Anderson, a Dom, has been burned and believes himself to be dark in who he is sexually. Together, can Carolyn and Paul find acceptance in each other and their sexual "quirks?"

I thought this book was a good read.  I especially loved how the title, Dianmond in the Snow, is described.  It actually brought to my mind a new way at looking at the snow we're having this winter.  A novel worth reading.

Book Blurb for Diamond in the Snow

When a sudden snowstorm unexpectedly gives her the afternoon off from school, all Carolyn Brooks intends is a night at home grading papers. But when her car slides off the road, Paul Anderson—the arrogant but gorgeous head of the English department—rescues her. He takes her to his home, and Carolyn finds herself drawn to this modern knight.

But Paul is sure the petite schoolteacher is too delicate for his particular desires. He’s not the White Knight she imagines…his tastes run much darker.

Publisher’s Note: Originally available in the Diamond Studs anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00