Destruction of the Great Wall

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Destruction of the Great Wall

Tour Director Extraordinaire, #3

Sometimes you just need to sit down and read a book that brings a smile to your face. Wash away the worries of the world and enjoy. This is just how RA Siracusa's book, "Destruction of the Great Wall" was for me.

Harriet Ruby, Tour Director Extraordinaire and somewhat Super Spy make this book all the more worth reading. Harriet is quite the character where her feelings for Will Talbot go. She and Will are pretending to be married for the tour she is leading and her parents show up unexpected. Hide the fake wedding band in her pocket and then get caught with hunky Will in a towel in her room by her mom. The story goes on from there! Normally I would not carry my e-book to work for fear of its theft, but I was willing to risk it as I could not put down RA Siracusa's book.

Book Blurb for Destruction of the Great Wall

I'm Harriet Ruby, Tour Director Extraordinaire. At last, one of my fondest wishes has come true! Will Talbot, my favorite Super Spy and the love of my life, wants to include me in his covert mission to recover a list of double agents for the US government.

Wow! Usually, I want to know everything, and he can't tell me anything. Now, I'll be part of the action. I am so-o going to love this!

Not that I have a big role. I only have to pretend we're husband and wife when he accompanies me on my China tour. The tour group members are strangers we'll never see again, and we can spend three intimate weeks together.

I mean, how hard can that be?

Surprise, surprise! My parents show up on the tour as replacements for some cancellations. Now, we have to lie and tell them we're married to protect Will's cover. And then, other problems erupt when someone tries to kill me and terrorists kidnap me and my mother to lure Will into a trap. Not to mention the damage my assault rifle does to the Great Wall...

Oh, man. It wasn't my fault. Really!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00