Beyond the Dream Catcher

Rita Hestand's novel, "Beyond the Dream Catcher," is a wonderful read. The novel was full of action, romance and mystery. My poor husband suffered for conversation from me as I was fully engulfed into the story. My only negative comment is that there were a few parts that I found Rita to be a bit wordy. Other than that, her novel flowed and was wonderful. Katherine and Chase are beautiful characters that create a romantic mystery that unfolds as you go along. Set in the time of the Western expansion, Native American removal, and prejudice; you'll find your heart breaking for the Shawnee people. I highly recommend reading "Beyond the Dream Catcher."

Book Blurb for Beyond the Dream Catcher

At nineteen, Katherine Hightower is orphaned in the Texas wilderness, with no one for company but her brother and the rough characters trying to eek a living out of the harsh landscape. With her parents lost to the fever, Katherine tries to run the Butterfield Stage Station as her folks had done. Beaten down with grief and endless grueling work, she wonders if things could get worse. And they do, when soldiers try to attack her. Her rescuer is an unlikely hero--a half breed prisoner.

Chase Rivers is on a mission to bring the woman who haunts his dreams back to his people. With the spell of the Shawnee's Shaman pushing them towards each other, Katherine and Chase succumb to the magic bond that will carry them through danger and doubt together. Will Katherine be able to accept her own mixed heritage? She must decide if her love for Chase and her belief in her own abilities can bring the vision of the Dream Catcher to fruition. If her love fails, the Shawnee people will perish.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.75