The Captain of Her Fate

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The Captain of Her Fate

The Other Bennet Sisters Book 1

After reading "The Captain of Her Fate" I can say I am so glad I do not live in the Regency time period. Outside of not liking the conditions of the time, I loved this book. I loved how Theo was not perfect and the story was not a tale of poor, poor me. I loved the characters, especially Louisa and the fact she had a mind and so did Theo's sister. "The Captain of Her Fate" is a great story where you wanted to scream at the book and get mad at the father for how much of a scum he was. There was just so much going on. You are wondering what will happen next and will he get her? Or will she marry the scum cousin?

Book Blurb for The Captain of Her Fate

A Regency Romance

Captain Theobald Raynalds lost his leg at the Battle of Trafalgar and with it, his belief any woman could find a cripple like him unobjectionable enough to love.

Louisa Bennet finds Theo incredibly attractive—both as a man in his own right and as an alternative to the odious cousin her heartless father has arranged for her to marry.

First, however, she must convince the Captain her interest in him stems from the man he is, scars and all, and not on his being the lesser of evils . . .

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.50