Tannin's Thunderbolt

Demons on Wheels MC Book 1

Warning for “Tannin's Thunderbolt” had me want to read it.

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, sex toys, flogging, anal sex, public exhibition. Count me in!

I loved the mystery and the “what's going to happen next” feeling. Readers get mob hits and bikers to the rescue. We have Raiyana Parente on the run and she ends up where she never expected.

I LOVED the fact that she’s now a size 2 as well as the BDSM elements. It wasn't completely fake. The author was able to take me right into the action and make it real.

Raiyana takes a chance on her life. She runs and ends up at a strip club.

I actually really liked this book and wouldn't mind reading the next one. “Tannin’s Thunderbolt” starts the Demons on Wheels MC series.

Book Blurb for Tannin's Thunderbolt

When Raiyana Parente learns a Mob boss wants her dead for refusing to become his business partner, she runs. With no clear plan, she ends up in the parking lot of Scotty’s Place, a posh strip club in Creek Ridge, Ohio, believing the tall, muscled biker in jeans and dirty boots is the man sent to kill her. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Sterling Tanner, known to his Demons on Wheels MC Brothers as Tannin, is hit by the thunderbolt the moment he looks into Rai’s dark eyes. But the trouble she brings with her isn’t something his MC needs. Still, what’s a man to do when the woman he has to have, no matter what, shows up?

As their rough and dirty sexual relationship burns up the sheets, Tannin must find a way to keep Rai safe from the Mob. But can he win her heart as well?


Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, sex toys, flogging, anal sex, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 4.50