Stranded with the Earl

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Stranded with the Earl

"Stranded with the Earl" is one of those book that I have a lot of thoughts about. I went from hating the main character and then could not help but love her. I did feel this romance story went too fast and needed some additional chapters.

Between the pages of this book we we have broken hearts and a love that was going to be finding it's opportunity years later. Vivienne Denton was going to run away with her love just to get away from family. But circumstance changed and her plans didn't work out. But karma was there to show how it was meant to be in the end. Vivienne ended up married to someone else. But you really want Vivienne and her true love Thomas to be together. You yearn for him to forgive her because she had a good reason to not wait for him. I really enjoyed the stranded on an island part of this historical romance book.

Book Blurb for Stranded with the Earl


Young and in love, Lady Vivienne Denton has to hide her attachment to the Earl of Trent from her abusive, controlling father. When Trent’s ardor is discovered, Vivienne knows she must seek him out so they can flee to Gretna Green before the life they mean to have is stolen from them.


Imagine the gall, to be summoned by his former best friend’s widow to this sham of a house party. Thomas, Lord Trent, wants nothing to do with the woman who stole, then destroyed his heart. But Vivienne has a letter for Trent from her deceased husband, and when all is revealed the icy grip around Trent's chest melts at the prospect of a future he once dreamed possible.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 3.50