Turkish Delight

Nur , a moroii, living vampire, is sent to the UK to investigate the investments of terrorist funds. Paul, her boss says it will be a piece of cake.yeah right.

Upon arriving in the UK , Nur finds herself in the middle of a protest involving an ancient circle of stones recently purchased by said terrorists. Why have they erected a fence around the ancient stones? Why is it being guarded by several large vicious dogs?

Enter Mike, one gorgeous red headed piece of man flesh, whose younger brother just happens to be one of the organizers of the protest.

Do Nur, Mike and a couple of druids figure out what is going to happen at the stones for the winter solstice? Can they stop whatever is going to happen? Will their attraction to each other help or hinder the outcome?

Read this enticing story and find out. I realized I had read this story before, but it was still a great read the second time around.

Book Blurb for Turkish Delight

Length: Novella
Special Investigations Agency

For Special Investigations Agency Operatives Destiny Tremayne, Jenna MacDonald and Nur Aydan, Christmas isn’t all about celebrating.
Nur Aydan, a moroii—a living vampire—accepts a commission in the UK, investigating investment of terrorist funds. The supposedly routine job has Nur involved in a local protest over rights-of-way, rescuing demonstrators from attackers, using her moroii abilities to thwart terrorists…
And falling in love.
Publisher’s Note: Novella originally appeared in the Ellora’s Cave anthology Winter Warriors.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00