The Orgasm Whisperer

I would give this story a ten if I could just for the "Hawtness" alone.

OMG you can hear people's sexual thoughts, does this mean you are the one daughter that has inherited your mother's "gift"? So you go to the source, good ole mom. You not only find out that yes it picked you but that you have also some alien blood. Yeah right, mom is a little kooky. She tells you that unless you find your true soulmate it could stay with you forever. OK soulmate where are you?

Enter 3 of the hottest guys you have ever seen. You all dance and then decide to go with them and 2 of your best friend's home, why did you decide that?

Reed, Lex and Gavin proceed to tell you that you are of royal blood and must return to their planet and become their wife...all 3 of them. Yeehaw!

Read this wonderful book by Gabriella Bradley "The Orgasm Whisper" and find out if there truly is a happy ever after, especially with all the sex scenes, I did cringe a little at the ceremony but you will have to read it to find out why.

Also you will find out if Amia keeps or loses her orgasm whisper gift. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did. It was definitely a panty changing experience.

Book Blurb for The Orgasm Whisperer

WARNING: This book contains menage a quatre scenes and some sexual toy play.

Amaia has inherited the family talent! There is only one way to make it stop--she has to meet her soul mate, bond with him and consummate the relationship. But, how does one find him? Will she be an orgasm whisperer for just a short while or be stuck with it for years?

What's worse, when her mother enlightens her on how to use her gift, she also learns there's alien blood flowing through her veins and she has more abilities that will become apparent. It all seems like a science fiction nightmare, impossible to believe--something her imaginative mother had dreamed up.

When three to die for men enter her life, she feels attraction for all three, and worse, she feels bonded to all three. Is one of these men her soul mate? Will her orgasm whispering be over before it barely started? And how can she choose when her heart and body wants them all?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 5.00