First I would like to say that before this I have not read anything by Miss OH, and this will not be the last. I love her style of writing and if any of her other works are half as enjoyable as this story it will have been worth the wait.

John wanted so desperately to get Ellen to marry him, but how to brooch the subject was a mystery to him.

Ellen was in love with John, he completed her like no one before.not even her Edward. So she thought nothing of going on a weekend trip with him, even if it meant meeting another couple and staying nekkid the whole time!

Would John be able to woo Ellen with his big surprise purchase and finally ask her the big question and would he like the answer?

Just read Divertissement by Madeline Oh and find out, you might even enjoy the D/s life style as much as I did.

This is a definite recommendation for my "Sistas" to read!!

Book Blurb for Divertissement

Length: Novella

John Kent wants Ellen, not just as an incredible submissive lover, but as his wife.

To do that, he has to convince fiercely independent Ellen Forsythe that giving up her single state will be more than worth the sacrifice. Not an easy job. But John isn’t a man to waver or give up when he has a goal in sight—and Ellen is firmly in his sights. 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00