The Power of Two

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The Power of Two

One day Jamie Corman decides to do the unthinkable. She goes against Sadie, the most popular girl in sixth grade. The girls do the same thing every day at recess. Plus Sadie is so mean to the other girls that aren’t in her clique. Jamie wants to do something different. She’s tired of following Sadie’s rules.

Once Jamie is outcast from the inner circle, she becomes friends with Pru Wheeler. They are quick to become best friends. They devise a plan to get back at Sadie’s group by planning something at recess that everyone will enjoy. Pru helps Jamie see things from a different viewpoint and Jamie is thankful to have met Pru. However, an unexpected tragedy changes everything and leaves a hole in the lives of many.

This is a touching and inspiring story. There are many kids who can relate to being shunned or bullied by the popular kids in school. However, it only takes one Pru to make others believe that they should stand up for themselves and those that can’t. Jamie describes Pru as the smallest girl in sixth grade. But the author depicts Pru as a very strong person regardless of her size and she makes such a big impact in Jamie’s life.

Book Blurb for The Power of Two

When sixth grader Jamie Corman is kicked out of Sadie’s Too Cool Club, she discovers what it’s like to be an outcast. Bullied by Sadie and ignored by her friends, Jamie wishes for a way back in.

Then she meets Pru Wheeler—the strangest, smallest girl in sixth grade. Tiny Pru reads Robert Frost; understands Jamie’s self-centered sister and too-busy parents; and knows why Sadie holds all the power. After Sadie declares that both girls have Loser Syndrome, Pru and Jamie forge a friendship. And when Pru introduces Jamie to the game of lacrosse, they start a team that includes everyone who was ever shunned by the Too Cools.

But just as the game catches on, a sudden, horrible tragedy brings Jamie face-to-face with Sadie in the biggest confrontation ever to happen at Wheatland Elementary. Will Jamie’s friendship with an unusual student help her stand up, even if she stands alone?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50