The Naked Hen

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The Naked Hen

In "The Naked Hen", Sadie is known for her beauty. She loved all of the compliments and attention she received. One day she met Carmen and decided to play with her. She noticed that Carmen’s brother, Dixon, didn’t have any feathers. Dixon was very sick and had lost all of his feathers. Carment’s school was having a ‘shedding our feathers’ event to help those in need. Carmen asked Sadie if she’d be interested in participating. Sadie couldn’t believe that Carmen would ask her to do such a thing. What would people think if she had no feathers! When Carmen told her that she’d do anything to support her little brother, Sadie realized that she never put others before herself. Sadie decided to shed her feathers in support of Dixon and others like him. However, she was not surprised when others made fun of her. When they learned the reason Sadie gave up her feathers, they were ready to participate also.

D. Cooper has written a cute tale to explain the importance of inner beauty being just as important as outer beauty. Sadie was so proud of her silky feathers that she never paid attention to others. When she learned to put others before herself, she realized that beauty is more than soft, silky feathers. She learned that inner beauty can make you just as beautiful as outer beauty. I think this is an important story that should be shared with kids and they’ll enjoy seeing Sadie’s change of heart.

Book Blurb for The Naked Hen

Sadie grew up spoiled, always putting her needs before everyone else. She thought she had all that life had to offer until one day everything changed. Would her small sacrifice change the hearts and minds of others living in Chickendale?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00