The Emperor's New Clothes

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The Emperor's New Clothes

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The illustrations are so colorful and follow along with the story. It is so funny seeing the Emperor walking around in his heart boxers and star socks! This is a great classic that children and adults will love to read over and over. I enjoyed reading this story and seeing the moral unfold.

The Emperor loves wearing fancy clothes and showing off to the kingdom. Two con-artists decide to take advantage of his vanity.

Two tricksters come up with a great way to make a lot of money. They pose as tailors and offer to make the Emperor a new fancy suit. This suit will be made out of special fabric. It will look invisible to anyone that is foolish. The Emperor is very excited about this and is eager to wear his new suit. He sends his advisor to check on its progress. The advisor doesn’t want to admit that he can’t see it because he doesn’t want to look foolish, so he tells the Emperor that it is beautiful.

The day has finally arrived. He is ready for his new suit, but he doesn’t see anything either. He doesn’t want to appear foolish, so he wears the suit throughout the kingdom. Everyone admires the suit until a young boy says what everyone is thinking. ‘The Emperor doesn’t have any clothes on!’ The little boy wasn’t worried about looking foolish; he just spoke the truth.

This is a classic tale about vanity and honesty. The Emperor only cares about wearing the fanciest clothes in the kingdom. Everyone else is so worried about how they will look, so they are afraid to tell the truth. The tricksters take advantage of this and are able to make some fast money. All it took was the honesty of an innocent child to make everyone see how ridiculous the idea of invisible clothes actually are.

Book Blurb for The Emperor's New Clothes

When two tricksters tell a vain emperor that they can sew him the most beautiful suit of clothes ever created, he's delighted—because these gorgeous garments will also be invisible to fools. But it turns out the emperor may be the biggest fool of all … and only a child has the courage to speak the truth.

Age Range: 3 - 6 years / Grade Level: Preschool - 1

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50