The Big Squeal

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The Big Squeal

Liberty the pig is a runaway. He doesn’t know where or when he was born. He ended up in the Town Square at the base of a statue of Abraham Lincoln with a pig. He was so amazed seeing a statue of a fellow pig.

When people saw this pig on the loose, they tried to capture him. Luckily, Liberty got away. Liberty became friends with a cat named Precious. Precious lived with a lady in a mansion. The lady saw Liberty playing with Precious, so she decided to let him stay at her house. Liberty became famous in the town because he had been ‘wanted’ by Animal Control and everyone had been looking for him. His new owner takes really good care of him and visitors come to see Liberty and bring him gifts.

This is such a cute story about Liberty the pig. Liberty is telling the story and there are so many funny uses of the word ‘pig’. The illustrations are so bright and colorful and help tell the story. At the end, there is a section describing the day Abraham Lincoln came to town as a circuit-riding lawyer in the 1840s.

Book Blurb for The Big Squeal

In a stranger-than-fiction odyssey, a homeless pig reveals her struggles for survival in a heartland hamlet which was once Abraham Lincoln's last stop during his days as a circuit-riding lawyer. Dubbed "...a rare glimpse into Abraham Lincoln's lighter side..." by acclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, "The Big Squeal" introduces a real-life, orphan pig who encounters Lincoln's likenesses all over the Town Square. Looming large is a towering bronze statue showing an amused Lincoln peering at a piglet --immortalizing Abe's request for a "writ of quietus" to calm noisy village pigs living under the rustic 1840s courthouse. Vividly paralleling the adventure are full-color illustrations celebrating the hamlet's 19th Century architecture, the people who reside there and the heart-warming transformation of a pig from rural to city life.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00