Sarah's Special Angel

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Sarah's Special Angel

Sarah lives in an orphanage and she misses her parents. Her only friend is a mouse named Squeaker.

While walking in the woods, Sarah notices a bright light. When she hears it speak, she recognizes her mama’s voice. Her mama appears as an angel. She lets Sarah know that there is a couple nearby who wants to adopt a little girl. Her mama also promises to visit Sarah every night.

This was a sweet and touching story. It is written by an 11-year old girl. Sarah is very lonely, but she finds peace when her mama appears as an angel. Once she’s adopted, her mama keeps her promise to visit her every night. Sarah sees her as a white light in the sky. There are a few illustrations drawn by the author.

Book Blurb for Sarah's Special Angel

An orphan girl just wants to be with her mother again. Her only friend is a little pet mouse who likes to ride around on her shoulder. What will happen when she meets a special angel?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00