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Silver Penny Stories

To impress the King, a poor miller said his daughter could spin straw into gold. Now the daughter has to figure out how to achieve this.

This classis is still a favorite for children and adults. Rumpelstiltskin thinks he’s a sly little fellow and that nobody will ever beat him at his own game. The Queen surprises him by ending his game. The illustrations are so colorful and vivid. Rumpelstiltskin strikes me as a dark, sneaky character and that’s exactly how he is illustrated. I can never get tired of reading these classics.

The daughter knew that she couldn’t spin straw into gold, so she just sat and cried. A gnome appeared and offered to do this for her in exchange for a gift. The King is so impressed with all of the gold, so he took her to a bigger room with more straw. On the third night, the daughter had nothing to offer the gnome when he appeared, so he said he’d take her first child once she becomes queen. She agreed to his demand because she didn’t think she’d ever become queen. When the King saw all of the gold, he made her his Queen. When their baby was born, the gnome appeared. The Queen begged him not to take her baby. He told her that if she could tell him his name within the next three days, she could keep the baby. The gnome was surprised and upset when the Queen knew his name.

Book Blurb for Rumpelstiltskin

When a poor miller tells the king his daughter can weave straw into gold, she doesn't know what to do. If she succeeds, the king will marry her! But how can she complete this impossible task? Only with the help of a strange little gnome with a very unusual name …

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50