Pool of Rings

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Pool of Rings

Pool of Rings by V. Shantelle James kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. From the very first time that Jack & Shearah met, I could tell that these were two entirely different personalities. Jack was a hard-nosed loner who wanted to remain alone. Shearah was so compassionate and couldn’t turn her back on someone in need. So when Jack was confronted by fellow members of the “Agency”, Shearah felt that she had to help save this stranger that was obviously in danger. After her good deed, she finds herself kidnapped by the person she rescued! At the time, she didn’t know that he had only kidnapped her to save her life.

I loved the banter between Jack & Shearah. Even though they tried to hide it, I could tell they were developing feelings for each other. But they were both so stubborn and protective of their ‘secrets’, they couldn’t make themselves be completely honest with each other. Neither one of them wanted to admit their feelings for each other. Jack thought that if he did, he would constantly be putting Shearah in danger. He was willing to put his love and want for her behind him just to keep her safe.

The “Agency” and “Pool of Rings” were mysteries throughout the book. The stories behind these two were slowly unraveled throughout. The “Agency” was a job that Jack just couldn’t quit. It wasn’t because he didn’t try; it was because they wouldn’t let him. In order to prevent him from quitting, fellow agents were informed to stop him – no matter what the cost! This made Shearah intent on helping him even more. Shearah surprised Jack with her loyalty even after he had kidnapped her. He was amazed watching Shearah and the “Pool of Rings” at work. He couldn’t believe how big this “Pool” was. Whenever there was someone in need, a member of the “Pool” was always there to step in and help. Their goal was to help someone in need and in turn, have that person help another and so on. It proved to be very successful.

With the help of her family, Shearah was intent on helping Jack escape the “Agency” without his knowledge or permission. He had fled from her to keep from having her involved. Shearah’s family included a former “Agency” member brother and strong-willed brothers & sisters. Not to mention, the smartest computer geek in the world. Even from his hospital bed, Kevin was a force to be reckoned with when it came to computers. He stayed one step ahead of the “Agency’s” computer system to ensure that Shearah and Jack came out alive.

I enjoyed the plot, concept and the way the characters meshed together. Everything seemed to fit together so perfectly. Even by having two main entities with the “Agency” and the “Pool”, V. Shantelle James found a way to tell each in their separate stories, but connected them very well within the story.

I liked the length of the chapters. The short chapters help make for a quick read and kept me wanting to keep going because I just had to know what happened next! I hope to see another book with the same characters because I want to find out if Shearah is able to find her sister!

Book Blurb for Pool of Rings

When Shearah Talbert, sister to the owner of the Talbert Trucking empire, decides to do a favor for her brother, she has no idea that her life is about to take a turn for the worse. Delivering a tow-truck to Dallas should be a simple task. However, when she sees a stranded motorist, her conscience won’t allow her drive on by. When she stops to help things go terribly wrong!

The man whom she stops to assist is suddenly accosted by a formidable group of “men in black”, who tell her in no uncertain terms to leave. When she hesitates, their abuse gets her ire up.

Coming up with a plan, she rescues this motorist only to be taken captive by him as they make their getaway! Now a kidnap victim, she strives get free. But this charismatic man has plans of his own. Drawing her deeper and deeper into the intrigue surrounding him, he hesitates to release her for reasons he doesn’t quite understand.

And as the enemy gets nearer, Shearah discovers that two of them are in a fight for their life! A rogue counter-intelligence operation seems bent on stopping Jack Langton, the man who has kidnapped her, from defecting! Caught between two warring parties, Shearah must balance her desire to escape against other, more confusing desires, to try and keep them from clouding her judgment. Because now, she finds herself strangely drawn to Jack, who claims to be protecting her from this rogue entity.

As she strives to keep her family and friends disconnected from this deadly game of cat and mouse, Shearah has only one place she can turn for help; the Pool of Rings. But the Pool of Rings was never meant to be used in this fashion. If she taps into its unlimited resources, will she destroy the very thing she’s worked to protect?

Find out what happens in the Pool of Rings!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00