Once Upon a Castle

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Once Upon a Castle

The Lovell twins, Mary and Tom, are sent to live with their aunt and uncle during the war. Their dad is called out to sea and their mom is assigned to a post as a nurse.

The twins can’t wait to explore the lands around their aunt and uncle’s farm. They notice a castle in the distance and see that it seems to disappear and reappear. They are very eager to explore it. They decide to run away from the tutor and explore the castle. Upon arriving, they notice a large ship and Vikings. After the kids are rescued by members of the Navy, they try to explain to everyone what they saw. Nobody seems to believe them. However, their father is very interested and begins doing some research. It seems that two kids were found on a Viking island during the actual Viking years. They were known as ‘The Bairns of the Saxon Shore’.

Mary and Tom are very inquisitive children. Their parents are trying to keep them out of harm’s way during the war. This story is so descriptive that you can actually visualize the children’s surroundings. However, I would have liked to read more about the children’s adventures during their visit with the Vikings. It seemed like this could have gone on longer.

Book Blurb for Once Upon a Castle

Uncle Toby had said that there would be castles to explore, with ghosts and things. This helps to cheer up the glum twelve-year old Lovell twins, Tom and Mary, leaving their schools and loving parents to be evacuated to wild Northumbria during World War II.

Then the adventure begins. They live with their Aunt Victoria and Uncle Leslie, meet the loveable ‘Mrs M’, a strange dog called ‘Scamp’ and, worst, the terrible private tutor, Miss Urquart, from whom they run away to find a mysterious castle seen through an old telescope.

Now they are drawn into bizarre supernatural events of a time-warp between the war itself and ancient warfare. They encounter dark forces, as the story twists and turns, and are even rescued by the Royal Navy. Yet, this is only the beginning of more unexpected tragedies before the twins begin to escape from it all.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 3.50