My Name is Huber

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My Name is Huber

Huber is a tractor built in 1927. He is ready to work on a farm. When he is sold, he wonders what type of farm work he’ll do and if he’ll have a family.

The farmer and his family take very good care of Huber. As the years pass, they need a newer, faster tractor and Huber is replaced. Huber is put in a field with the other broken-down farm equipment. One day, the farmer’s son, who is grown now, finds Huber and remembers all the fun he had riding Huber around the farm. He decides to rebuild Huber. Once again, Huber is good as new. Huber’s final move is to a museum in 1990 where everyone can see the shiny tractor from 1927.

This is a cute story. It is written from Huber’s viewpoint. The story details the hard work that is needed to take care of a farm. It shows the changes in the needs of equipment from year to year. Even though Huber is replaced and left alone for years, the farmer’s son restores Huber to share with others. It is interesting to note that the goal of the two authors is to preserve agricultural heritage for future generations.

Book Blurb for My Name is Huber

My Name is Huber, A Tractor’s Story -This is the story told through the eyes of a tractor named Huber who rolled off the factory room floor in 1927. My Name is Huber follows the tractor through his working life on the farm. Huber runs a threshing machine and works hard for his farmer through the Depression into the War years. When Huber is replaced with a new faster tractor, he becomes a forgotten Huber until he is found, restored and brought back to life to tell his story!

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00