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Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom

When Emily goes to sleep, she dreams that she is Queen Emily of the Enchanted Kingdom. Her teddy bear, Big Ted, is her royal servant.

Big Ted rushes to tell Queen Emily that her kingdom is full of garbage. Nobody is cleaning up after themselves or throwing their trash away properly. Everyone is throwing their trash on the kingdom’s grounds. This is all thanks to the Litterbug. The Litterbug convinces everyone that recycling isn’t important and it’s just so much easier and less boring to throw trash on the ground. Queen Emily, with the help of Dapper Dan, makes the townspeople realize that the kingdom is so much prettier when it’s clean and that cleaning is not boring.

This was a very cute story. It helped explain to kids the importance of recycling and keeping things clean. Dapper Dan and Queen Emily show how fun it is to clean up. This story is told in a way to help kids understand how and why to recycle and to clean up after them. The illustrations are drawn by the author’s niece and help children relate.

Book Blurb for Litterbug

When Emily goes to sleep at night, her dreams take her to the Enchanted Kingdom where she becomes Queen Emily, ruler of the land. With her most beloved stuffy by her side, Big Ted and Queen Emily solve the mystery of the Litterbug. In the process, Queen Emily teaches her citizens a valuable lesson about the importance of keeping their Enchanted Kingdom neat and tidy.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50