I Kissed a Ghoul

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I Kissed a Ghoul

You would think that being the mayor’s son would automatically make you popular. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Tommy Wharton. As a matter of fact, he gets picked on for being overweight. However, there are some perks like using his dad’s campaign van and credit card.

Tommy is just like the average teenage boy. His hormones are raging and all he thinks about is having sex. The only problem is that he can never seal the deal. Every time he is about to get lucky, something always ruins it. This is so frustrating to Tommy. It seems that he has no good luck. Not to mention that he constantly finds himself in the presence of monsters – vampires, werewolves, succubus. You name it, he finds them.

This book was humorous to me. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Tommy. Even when he confronts a monster, he seems like this is completely normal. His adventures are amusing. I couldn’t stop reading because I had to see if Tommy finally catches his dream girl.

Book Blurb for I Kissed a Ghoul

You would think that being the mayor’s son would automatically make Tommy Wharton popular. If only!

This horny, overweight high-school geek is the diametric opposite of popular - but that doesn't stop him from trying to score with the chicks. After all, his dad's position does lend a few sweet perks: use of his campaign van and credit card.

The only thing that can - and does - get in the way of his raging hormones is the supernatural. Vampires. Werewolves. Succubi. Mummies. You name it, Tommy faced it. And walked away with his life and virginity intact.

Will Tommy finally hook up with the girl of his dreams, or will his love-life remain thoroughly zombified?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50