Courting the Cowboy

Cowboys of Cedar Ridge

Ella just wants solitude so she can focus on her art. Her landlord guaranteed her that she wouldn’t be bothered in her little cabin. However, it’s hard to restrain his grandkids from wanting to talk to Ella and play with her dog. Cord is a widower with 3 small children. He can’t help but notice his father’s pretty new tenant. Much to Ella’s dismay, she can’t help but notice Cord either. She keeps reminding herself that she’s not there for a relationship. Over time, she finds that she can’t ignore Cord’s children or her newly developed feelings towards their father. Cord also seems to notice that Ella is hiding quite a bit of sadness, but he knows she’ll share with him when she’s ready. When Ella gives in to her feelings, she realizes that she can let go of her sadness and be happy for the new path her life has chosen.

I have always enjoyed reading the Love Inspired books and this one didn’t let me down. These stories hold inspirational meanings with the plots and characters. Both Ella and Cord had to let down their guards so they could begin to feel love and happiness again. I found myself laughing out loud at his kids and their antics. It reminded me of when my kids were little. They can say and do some of the craziest things.

Book Blurb for Courting the Cowboy

Meeting the Cowboy's Family 

Looking for inspiration, artist Ella Langton rents a cabin in the isolated Porcupine Hills of Alberta. She didn't count on having neighbors, but rancher Cord Walsh and his three children are just a stone's throw away. Still healing from a tragic accident, Ella has no plans of reaching out, but she's having a hard time keeping them out of her yard…and her thoughts. And when little Suzy ropes Ella into helping her with an art project, she can't help her growing feelings for the girl's rugged daddy. With three persistent children, Cord and Ella may find their fenced-off hearts opening up sooner than they thought!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.00