Belinda Goes to the Beach

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Belinda Goes to the Beach

Belinda, #2

Since Belinda is from the North Pole, she’s never been to the beach. She is excited when Eleanor tells her they’ll be going to the beach.

With the upcoming school holiday, Eleanor’s Mom agrees that they can go to the beach. Both Belinda and Eleanor are looking forward to it. Belinda is up bright and early eager to leave. Once they arrive at the beach and everything is set up, Eleanor shows Belinda the safe places to swim. She tells her not to go outside the colored flags. Both of them are having so much fun playing in the water that they don’t notice when Eleanor drifts outside of the flags. All of a sudden, she comes face-to-face with a big shark. Her quick wit and the shark’s full stomach save her and she swims quickly back to Eleanor who is inside the flags.

This is another cute story about Belinda’s adventures with her new family. She makes sure she listens to Eleanor, but she still finds herself in some mischief. This story delivers a safety message for beachgoers. It’s important to follow the safety rules at the beach. There are cute illustrations throughout the book of a shark. The facial expressions of the shark are humorous especially the one where he looks disappointed that he missed a meal. I am interested to read more of Belinda and Eleanor’s adventures.

Book Blurb for Belinda Goes to the Beach

Belinda ventures outside of the safety flags at the beach. What will happen to her?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00