Belinda Comes to Port Macquarie

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Belinda Comes to Port Macquarie

Belinda, #1

Belinda is destined to be Eleanor’s Christmas present. When she falls from Santa’s sleigh, miles from her destination, she’s unsure how she’s going to make it to Eleanor.

Luckily, Belinda’s fall leaves her unhurt and she makes her way to a garage for the night. The owner is a very nice man and he knows of some people with a niece named Eleanor. He gives her directions and sends her on her way. When she arrives, she’s greeted with good news. Eleanor will be there in a few days. She’s nervous to meet Eleanor and afraid she might be mad at her because she’s late. Eleanor is just thankful to have Belinda.

This is a very cute story about a toy desperate to find her owner. Belinda doesn’t stop until she makes it to her destination. She wants to make sure that she gets to Eleanor. There are cute illustrations of Santa throughout the book. I wish there were more pictures showing Belinda and her journey. I am interested to read more of Belinda and Eleanor’s adventures.

Book Blurb for Belinda Comes to Port Macquarie

Belinda falls from Santa’s sleigh forty-five kilometres from her destination. Will she find her new owner for whom she is a Christmas present.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00