Alfred, A Timber Wolf's Tale

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Alfred, A Timber Wolf's Tale

The Friendly Petting Zoo

Alfred enjoys spending time with all of his animal friends. But he really misses the time he spent with the humans. He decides to ask his friends for advice on how to join the humans again without frightening them since he is a wolf. His mentor, Bev the teaching turtle, suggests he make a costume out of dog hair.

As Alfred travels to the human city, Bev decides to follow him. She would like for Alfred to take her teaching place. Before she leaves, she finds out that the animals need help because there’s a sickness among them. It’s very important that she find Alfred to let him know what’s going on. When Alfred meets the Williams family, he realizes that he has found the help that his friends need.

Even though Alfred is a wolf, he’s very gentle and kind. Since the animals were raised together, they all see each other as family.

This story shows the animals and humans helping each other. Alfred has a never give up attitude when searching for help for his friends. It illustrates how important friends and family can be. However, some of the paragraphs were a little hard to follow due to misspellings and/or lack of punctuation.

Book Blurb for Alfred, A Timber Wolf's Tale

As a circus train moves to the next town, a storm knocks it off of its tracks and the animals find themselves alone, scared, and without anyone to care for them. Bev, the teaching turtle becomes their mentor and savior teaching them to survive in the wild.

Four years after the catastrophe, Alfred the Timber Wolf, wants to be with the humans again. When Alfred leaves the other animals behind in the hope of finding a family, the animals begin to get sick. What happens next? Will the animals die? Will Alfred find the humans? "Alfred, A Timber Wolf's Tale" is the first in a series of children's books by author Randall L. Emery. Beautifully illustrated by artist, Cynthia Bird with cover art designed by 12 year old Rhianna J. Bullard these wonderful books are bound to delight children of all ages!

Be sure to watch for other books in the series coming soon!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 3.50