A Million Doughnuts

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A Million Doughnuts

Poor Rusty! All he wants is a doughnut. His mom, dad and big sister all have arguments against eating doughnuts. Every time Rusty asks for one, they tell him no. One day, he buys a book about doughnuts and he makes a wish for a million doughnuts. He wakes up a happy boy.

His room is filled with doughnuts every day. That is all he eats. When he notices his teeth rotting, his clothes getting too small, and his lack of energy, he decides that he’s tired of eating doughnuts all the time. His family helps him walk all over town giving the doughnuts away. By exercising and not eating anymore doughnuts, Rusty becomes healthy again. He has to ‘unwish’ his wish for doughnuts to stop them from appearing every morning.

This was a very cute story. It helped explain to kids the importance of eating healthy and portion control. Rusty’s mom argues that doughnuts have too much sugar, his dad argues that they’re not healthy and his big sister argues that they have too many calories. This story is told in a way that kids can understand that it’s okay to eat a snack like this every once in a while, but it’s even more important to eat healthy.

Book Blurb for A Million Doughnuts

Rusty loves doughnuts, but it seems like his parents won’t ever let him have a doughnut! One day he wishes for a million doughnuts, and when that wish comes true, Rusty learns that maybe there is too much of a good thing.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.00