Unleavened Dead

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Unleavened Dead

Rabbi Cohen is simply trying to do her job and stay out of mischief. This is hard, though, when she keeps stumbling onto mysteries. Passover is approaching and her lesbian niece is getting married, so it is a busy time. Trouble rears its ugly head, though, when her niece's soon to be in-laws are found dead in their town home. The apparent cause is carbon monoxide poisoning. Cohen then finds out that an old friend, also a Rabbi, has been hired by a local temple but has committed a grave sin he is afraid of them finding out about: he performed a wedding between a Jew and a non-Jew. As if that wasn't enough, here niece's partner is suspected in a hit-and-run death and the ex-husband has announced he's moving away. Rabbi Cohen has her hands full trying to keep herself and everyone she knows out of happy and out of trouble.

Ilene Schneider is the author of Chanukah Guilt which was nominated for the Deadly Ink Stasher Award for Best Mystery of 2007, named as one of 2007's Top Ten Read by My Shelf and was chosen as a Reviewers Choice Book, by the Midwest Book Review. Unleavened Dead is the second book in the Rabbi Cohen mystery series and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is a quick, easy read and a good mystery without the graphic violence of some of the better known mystery authors. I thoroughly recommend this book to all lovers of the mystery genre for when they are running errands and just need something to do while waiting in line. I give this 4.5 stars.

Book Blurb for Unleavened Dead

Two members of Rabbi Aviva Cohen’s congregation are found dead, victims, they say, of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. But Aviva has info that leads her to doubt it was an accident. Then, police suspect Aviva’s niece’s partner in a hit-and-run death. Aviva is sure the woman is innocent, even though her SUV has a body-sized dent on the hood. As she looks into the two disparate cases, Aviva discovers they may be connected, and her amateur sleuthing takes a sinister turn that involves sexual abuse of teenage girls, money laundering, stolen identities, and an FBI investigation. Once again, her curiosity has put her life in jeopardy.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50