The Return

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The Return

Book 1

A young man discovers a hidden library filled with books and papers mentioning the Knights Templar. Soon after, he is found murdered, surrounded by the mysterious ancient symbols of an ancient order long thought to be disbanded. His friend, a wealthy business man, Peter Christos, meets and begins a romance with a mutual friend, Sarah Morales. Unknown to them, the Templars are alive and well and want to protect the couple from forces that seek to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy about Christ's return. Thus begins a cat-and-mouse game of biblical proportions involving the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant and the ultimate battle for Humanity itself.

The Return is the first in a series about the Christian prophecy of the eventual return of Jesus. I found the book to be a fascinating read, well-written and engaging. While it is similar to The DaVinci Code, it is at the same time quite different. I give this book 5 stars and encourage everyone to read it.

Book Blurb for The Return

The Return is a story of the modern day fulfillment of the Grail prophecy.

The time has come for the prophesied return of Christ. Long thought extinct, the secret Order of Knights Templar battle the Dark Forces that fear His return.

At the center of this battle of good and evil is Sarah Davidson, an expectant mother, who has a unique heritage, and Peter Christos, her shipping magnate husband. The couple, who were married in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant, is confronted with a series of surreptitious schemes and attacks causing them to flee and seek a secure birthplace for their son.

They are aided in this endeavor by the Knights Templar, a clandestine organization that has, over the centuries, amassed enormous wealth and power and the organization to deliver it in anticipation of this day.

Ultimately, they engage in a grand battle for the prophesied birth.

Book 2: The Re-Awakening

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 5.00