Mann of War

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Mann of War

I'll start with the positive: "Mann of War" had great potential in the first few pages. However, after that, it pretty much goes down hill. Any good thriller needs to have the action "set up" with a little background information. Brantingham provides no background whatsoever; instead, the reader is left to wonder what exactly drove the character to his breaking point. The plot idea is actually a good one that I've seen used before; Brantingham, however, fails to do it justice. Character development is virtually nonexistent. There is no explanation of how Robert Mann selects his targets. In short, this thriller is anything but and Brantingham should ask for a mulligan. I recommend a complete rewrite to include a more in-depth plot, more character development and more background. I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone devote any time to reading this vain attempt at a thriller.

Book Blurb for Mann of War

Robert Mann is sick of hearing about criminals who get away with murder. He’s sick of rapists, drug dealers, and con men. He’s sick of the human trash – people who know how to use the system against itself. He’s sick of sitting idly by and doing nothing. So Robert Mann is going to fight back. The problem -- there’s a difference between wanting to kill someone and actually doing it.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 2.50