Wed and Wanton

Naughty Nuptials- Quickies

Elise Knowlton, Julian Flemming and Rick McClane have been friends since the second grade. They have done everything together. Rick has always had a crush on Elise since they were kids.

Elise and Julian are getting married and they want Rick to video their whole wedding and their wedding night. But what Rick doesn't know is that Elise wants him to join them on their wedding night. Rick thinks that they are crazy to have him video their wedding night.

As they get to the room, Rick seems nervous as he thinks what he is about to do. Elise and Julian get start undressing each other while Rick is filming and than Elise ask him to join them. As the guys as pleasuring Elise they began to kiss each other. And one thing led to another.

The men took turns enjoying Elise. When they were done, Elise ask Rick to stay with them but he got scared and left. Next morning, Rick got a note deliver to him s him to join Elise and Julian on their honeymoon.

Lacey Savage has pen a fascinating story about three friends who continue do everything together. The wedding night sex scene was so hot that I needed a fan and tall glass of cold water to cool off.

Book Blurb for Wed and Wanton

Elise Knowlton, Julian Flemming and Rick McClane have been inseparable since second grade. Over the years, the trio shared everything. Everything, that is, except what matters most. But now that Elise is marrying Julian, she's determined to change that.

As the best man and wedding photographer at Elise and Julian's wedding, Rick is indispensable. But the bride and groom have more than a simple portrait in mind when they invite him to document their wedding night in living color…

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of male/male sexual interaction.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00