Watching You

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Watching You

Paige Waddell works as a 911 operator for the police and some days can be stressful. On top of that she has a secret crush on police officer Kellie Hamrick.

Being a 911 operator is stressful enough, Paige has to deal with Randy another police officer and partner with Kellie, who is a male chauvinists. Randy makes demeaning slurs about lesbians, female cops and women in general. And Paige thinks Kellie supports his comments about women because Kellie refuses to defend the honor women. But unknown to Paige, Kellie is in trouble of her own that could cause her to lose her job.

Paige's friend and co-work Gail gives her a website for BDSM where she can relieve some of her anger and stress. Gail also let slips that Kellie is a member of the site too. At first Paige didn't want to try it, but she gave in tried. Temperatures raises and sparks fly when Paige and Kellie meet online. Their session together get both of them hot and bother.

Watching You hooks you from the first page until the end. This story was so captivating and steamy that this reviewer read it in one day. The nightclub scene was the hottest scene that this reviewer has read.

Book Blurb for Watching You

Genre: BDSM LGBT Erotic Contemporary

Length: Novel

Watching you. Longing for you. Afraid to reach out and touch you.

As a 911 operator, Paige sees Kellie every day at work, but is afraid to approach the police officer. She might as well be on the far end of a long distance call.

Kellie is a police officer carrying the weight of unwelcome secrets. If she had her way, there's a certain 911 operator she'd cuff and interrogate on a bed of black satin sheets. But for now, only anonymous dominance games on the internet grant her release.

Games and secrets get in the way, but the truth has its own means of coming to light. And when all the ugly secrets have been revealed, there's nothing but hunger and truth and no place to hide.

Publisher's Note: Watching You is a non-traditional romance. It contains bondage and explicit homoerotic sexual encounters between women that may offend some readers.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00