Virgin Seductress

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Virgin Seductress

Kimani Romance Series, #55

Nell Evans just inherited $8.5 million dollars from her grandmother. And she sees it as her way out of her small Mississippi town to the city, New York. But before she leaves she needs help from her childhood friend Riley Martin, the town's bad boy. She wants Riley to teach her about sex.

Riley Martin was shocked at first but he did agree to help her. Riley has always been in love with Nell since they was in school. But before he can be with Nell he has to let go of the past that has haunting him for years.

Every since Nell got the money from her grandmother every Tom, Dick, and Henry in town has been trying to get her to married them. While Riley was show Nell the art of loving make and seduction, Nell fell in love with him.

Virgin Seductress was a pleasant and easy read. J.M. Jefferies perfectly combines drama, seduction, romance and a little touch of humor. If you would like to see how all four of these elements work in a small county town, you need to pick up Virgin Seductress by J.M. Jefferies you won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Virgin Seductress

Nell Evans has a surprise inheritance, a lust for adventure and a makeover. But her plans for a new life in New York don't include being a virgin at age thirty! She never had the chance to dream beyond her small Mississippi town-but with a little help from Riley Martin, that's about to change..

This bad boy done good left for the big city but returned to his roots. Now divorced, he is just the man Nell should see about her.uh, problem. Riley can't believe the offer of seduction coming from the sweet, shy woman of his secret fantasies, but he's going to do his very best to convince her, in the most intimate ways, that her place always was, is and will be-with him.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 3.50