Sex With Lex

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Sex With Lex

re : Gay / Contemporary

Nick Barker is a veterinary student who gets a chance of a lifetime to work on a family ranch which is own by his college roommate Sam's father. But Nick didn't except to fall for Sam's father Lex Whitefeather while he was there working. Lex Whitefeather is the owner of Lazy River Ranch and he is also attracted to Nick but Lex isn't ready to "come out".

Three years late Nick is back on the ranch and he realizes that he still have the same feeling for Lex. Will Lex let Nick get away again? Is Lex still going to let family and friends run his life?

Carol Lynne has penned a wonderful and emotional story. This story had my attention from beginning to end. Sex with Lex is a captivating story that shows how the love of family and friends had accepted the relationship once Lex realizes that it doesn't matter who he loved because his family and friends will be on his side.

Book Blurb for Sex With Lex

Nick Barker was thrilled. A summer working on his college roommate's family ranch was a dream come true for a veterinary student. He didn't anticipate his reaction to his best friend and roommate's father, though.

Lex Whitefeather hired his son Sam's best friend for the summer. He figured he'd be generous and help the kid out. He wasn't expecting the young Adonis who stepped off the plane. Nick Barker was no kid. Years of repressed sexual desires rose to the surface that summer. When Lex and Nick finally come together and admit their feelings, Lex is plagued by guilt. He's not "out" to his family and friends. Lex pushes Nick away with his unwillingness to open up to his family.

A few years later, Nick is back on the ranch. Will Lex be willing to sacrifice his long-held secrets for true love?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00