Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy

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Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy

Immortally Sexy Series, #4

Paige Darlington is a want to be Rivka even though she was free from Satan. But Satan wasn't ready to let her go, so he put a curse on her. The curser he put on her made her touch deadly to anyone who is not totally evil. All of her friends are not safe around her.

Paige hires bad boy Jeb Buchanan who is a Shadow Warrior assassin to protect her from everyone. Jeb is the only one who is immune to her touch. The only way her can calm the demon is to show her love and affection. And Jeb is also hired by Satan, Jr to make sure that Paige does turns into a wraith because wants her as his powerful weapon.

Sex and the Immortal Boy is book 4 in the Immortally Sexy Series. Stephanie Rowe has written a fast-paced and a laugh-out-loud romance story. You can feel the chemistry between Paige and Jeb. And the power play between Satan and his son Satan, Jr had this reviewer on the edge of her seat. After reading this book, this reviewer has to go and read the first three of this series to see how it all began.

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Book Blurb for Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy

Paige Darlington has a problem. See, she's the former apprentice to Satan's right hand, Becka Gibbs. As a result, she's got this pretty much all consuming need to be bad... not her fault, right? Well, that will be a small comfort when she loses all human emotions, including the ability to love and care about those who matter to her.

To keep his brother alive, Jed Buchanan works for Satan Jr., the heir to hell and the most evil being in existence. Jed has been forced to do a lot of unsavory things during his time on the "job" and his latest assignment - killing Becka Gibbs - isn't pleasant either. It only gets more complicated when he arrives at Becka's apartment, and inadvertently attacks Paige, a beautiful, sexy demon who decides that saving his black soul will be just the thing to keep her own from rotting.

But can the Devil's minion and the Devil's assassin possibly find true love?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.50