Nick's Lady

Suburban Dominants Book 2

Andrea Fasselli is an accountant by day but in her private life at night she is a submissive. No one knew until Cal Hartman a former boyfriend she met a BDSM club, came to her office and handcuffed her to him. But Nick Tysinger, her boss came to her rescue. Andrea feared Nick would think she was some kind of freak but to her dismay he didn't. He is also into the BDSM lifestyle but as a "Master".

Nick and Andrea begin going to the BDSM clubs together. At the clubs they encounter all kinds of kinky things - from paddling, bondage, flogging and fetish wear.

Nick and Andrea were appealing characters. However, Nick has commitment fears whereas Andrea has developed a crush on him. It was interesting to see how they came together and their relationship developed as Nick shows her how to become a true submissive.

I'm not real knowledgeable on BDSM; I was slightly confused because Nick is supposed to be the "Dom" or "Master" and he appeared to be soft at times. His love for Andrea began to interfere with his ability to be her "Master".

I enjoyed Ms. Kingston portrayal of the budding romance between Nick and Andrea. She went into details but wasn't heavy handed or tedious.

Katherine Kingston does a good job of balancing out the sex and romance between Nick and Andrea.

Book Blurb for Nick's Lady

A stalker trying to drag her out of her workplace in handcuffs isn’t even Andrea Faselli’s worst nightmare. More dreadful is her attractive boss rescuing her and then having to explain to him that she gave up trying to get a restraining order against Cal because she met him in a BDSM club. Andrea expects to be fired and is stunned when instead he asks her for a date.

Nick Tysinger is the most attractive man she’s ever met, and learning he’s a Dominant makes him even more exciting. Her experience with Cal has made her wary, but in exploring their needs together, Andrea and Nick find they’re compatible in more ways than just their kinky leanings.

Still, there are issues to work out between them. They argue over Nick’s estrangement from his family. Nick worries how Andrea will react when she learns he sometimes shares in a ménage with his best friend and his best friend’s wife. And Cal isn’t ready to give up his imaginary claim on Andrea yet.

Note: This is a re-release of a book originally published by Ellora's Cave in 2007. It has been re-edited for this electronic release.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.00