Naughty Nibbles

Naughty Nibbles is an anthology by three authors. Each author contributes stories each. And let's just say that all six stories are very naughty.

This Time by Sierra Cartwright, Emily fled the home of Sir Sterling who was her Dom only to realize that she has fallen in loved with him, needed and couldn't live without him. She comes back and this time she to prove to him that she can submit to him totally. Sir Sterling has to punish her for leaving him. And Emily also learns that Sir Sterling was in love with her too.

213 High Street: Peep Show by Christy Lockhart, three sisters Grace, Sophie and Katie owns an upscale sex toy shop. A new toy called the Click Rocket arrives at the shop and Sophie was curious to try it out to see if it really can deliver an orgasm of "stratospheric levels of pleasure". She thought that she had locked the shop before she went to the back to try it out. She was 30 seconds from blast off and in walked officer Ryan Kelley.

Imagine by SL Majors, Chloe needed a real man that can give her a "screaming" orgasm. She meets Adam who can give her what she wants. He knows where and how to touch her and bring her to that "screaming" orgasm. Chloe can't believe that she has the perfect man of her dreams at her beck and call. But Adam isn't what you think he is.

Fed Up by Sierra Cartwright, Elizabeth Driscoll was fed up with her husband Jonathan coming home late and tied where he couldn't satisfy her. So, she took matters into her own hands. When Jonathan comes home one night he finds that he can't get in until he asks for permission. When he gets in and sees his sweet mousy wife dressed as a Dom, he knows he is in trouble.

Balls to the Walls by SL Majors, Football player Callum O'Neil has fallen in love with his trainer and owner of balls to the walls gym, David Browning. Callum decides to take caution to wind and tell David how he feels. Both men teach each other a thing or two. Callum teaches David about emotions and love and David teaches Callum all the physical things. Who would have thought that shaving can be so erotic?

Everyday, in a Letter by Christy Lockhart is a touching love story about a married couple. Meghan and Lieutenant Alan Danton would write to each other letters of them having sex as if they where home together. The letter contains fantasies that they will have act out until he gets home from his tour of duty.

Each story in their own way can leave you hot and bother. And for this reviewer cold showers are becoming my best friends. If I had to choose a single story as my favorite, 213 High Street: Peep Show by Christy Lockhart will be the one that I would pick.

Book Blurb for Naughty Nibbles

'This Time' by Sierra Cartwright

Emily had one last chance to get it right.

She'd always wanted to live the D/s lifestyle, and she tried other relationships before her dreams finally came true and she met Sterling, the renowned Dom. In Sir Sterling, she found what she hungered for, someone who understood her wants, needs and desires, better than she understood them herself.

But, terrified of what he demanded emotionally, Emily succumbed to her fear and fled, only to realise the cost of living without him was too dear.

Now, humbled and desperate for the chance to prove she can truly submit, she's back. This time, she can hold nothing back. This time, she has to push past her own boundaries and give this commanding, powerful man everything he demands.

'213 High Street: Peepshow' by Christy Lockhart

Gracie, Sophie and Katie know what they want and how to get it. And the most delicious thing? They're willing to share everything they know.

Three sisters, one owns a very upscale sex toy shoppe, and a town that will never be the same again. A new toy, still in an irresistible box and sitting on the counter. What's a girl to do? Sophie knows she should wait until she gets home to play with The Clit Rocket, but it's been so long.

After making sure Widby's infamous shoppe is closed for the night, she goes to the back room. The toy is phenomenal. Sophie's about T-minus 30 seconds from blastoff when he walks in. Tall, dark, handsome and wearing a law officer's badge. Seems the door hadn't been locked properly after all.

Ryan Kelley gets more than a peep of the lovely Sophie. And this pretty little lawbreaker needs a firm hand. And he's just the man to give it to her.

'Imagine' by SL Majors

It's about damn time he showed up.

Chloe has waited her whole life for a man like Adam to grace her bed. Tall and muscular, this sexy man has golden hair and stunning eyes. He's in touch with everything she craves sexually.

He knows exactly where to touch her, how to touch her, and how to bring her to the edge of a screaming climax.

Can life get any better? After all, the man of her dreams is at her beck and call.

All in all, she thinks, as she pours two glasses of wine, she could not possibly have imagined a more perfect man.

'Fed Up' by Sierra Cartwright

Elizabeth Driscoll is fed up with her barrister-husband's work schedule. She's sick and tired of Jon coming home late every night with no energy left over to satisfy her sexual appetite.

Once and for all, Beth takes control. That night, when he comes home from work, she's ready for him. Dressed in high-heeled diva boots, a bra and stockings without panties, she grabs him by the tie, yanks him close to her and latches onto him in a way that gets his attention in a hurry.

When she orders him to his knees, respected and revered attorney Jonathan Driscoll is stunned speechless. He never knew his sweet, mousy wife had a dark and dangerous side. Having no choice, he complies with her demands. Jon learns, the hard way, that her oh-so-sexy boots are made for a whole lot more than just walking.

'Balls to the Walls' by SL Majors

Balls to the Walls is David's motto, along with the name of his one-man personal training firm. Callum, young and enthusiastic, wants to be a better footballer, and he hires David to train him. Usually shy, Callum can't help himself when he exits the locker room's shower and sees David standing before the mirror, a snow-white towel wrapped around his lean waist. He has not yet showered, and he smells of musk and man.

David becomes Callum's teacher in all things physical, but things really heat up when Callum teaches the older man a thing or two about emotion and vulnerability.

'Everyday, In a Letter' by Christy Lockhart

While Alan is away, bravely serving in the country's armed forces, he and Meghan have to find creative ways to keep their passion alive.

They begin sending letters, risqu‚, naughty letters, telling each other their deepest fantasies, things they'd never shared when they'd been together in person.

Meghan gets into the spirit of things, picturing the events as they happen, and it's almost as if Alan is there. When he's sent home on leave, she discovers this hunk of a hotty, either in uniform, or out of it, is not the same man who left.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00