Lucky Number Seven

Naughty Nuptials- Quickies

Vivian Lane was left at the alter when her fianc‚ cheated on her. Vi as her friends and family calls her, thinks that all men are dogs and not to be trusted.

Vi decided that the next man she meets, she is going to have fun with him. Then on her way home she gets a flat tire. Cere comes to her rescue and what Vi doesn't know is that Cere is a werewolf and belongs to a Brotherhood of Dogs called the Werewolf Pack.

She propositioned him after he introduced himself to her. Cere takes her to a park to have mad wild sex. And now Cere thinks she is the perfect mate for him. He calls to return a lost item that she left behind. She meets him at his job to get her thongs back. And they end up having wild sex again in the flat bed of his truck in the park. Their chemistry is explosive and undeniable. The connection between them begins to grow and deep into something more. Cere works to change Vi's mind that all men aren't dogs. And hopes that his true nature isn't the end of their relationship.

Anh Leod pens a wonderful story about finding true love and learning to trust.

Book Blurb for Lucky Number Seven

Meet the hottest werewolf in town.

When Vi Lane's cheating fiancé cancels their wedding only the day before the big event, she decides she's never going to trust a man again. But that doesn't mean she's willing to give up sex! In fact, she promises herself she'll experiment with the next man she sees. When she has a flat tire a few hours later, she's thrilled to see Cere come to her rescue. Little does she know his werewolf pack, Brotherhood of the Dog, has declared her to be Cere's true mate.

Can she learn to trust again, especially with a man who is hiding his true identity from the world? Will Cere himself be satisfied with a human mate? The Brotherhood is waiting for their answer.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.50