Lucinda, Darkly

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Lucinda, Darkly

The Demon Princess Chronicles#1

Lucinda, Darkly is the first Demon book that I have read. This story held my attention from beginning to end. This is a book that I would have read in two days if I didn't have to work. It was that spellbinding.

All of the characters are captivating. Lucinda a demon dead princess who is the daughter of Blaec, the High Lord of Hell and the sister of Halycon, the high prince of Hell. Stefan is a rogue Monere warrior, who she helps get his foster mixed-blood Monere son back when three strangers tried to kidnap him. Because she lost her energy helping Stefan, he offers himself to her to help her regain her strength back. Nico is also a Monere warrior who escaped from his queen. Lucinda was ordered by her brother to go and get him and take him back to his queen. After Lucinda returned Nico to his queen, Lucinda came across a demon that was taken from another realm name Talon when he was an infant. Upon learning how the queen treats her warriors, Lucinda reclaims Nico as her own warrior. Now it becomes a question of can Lucinda survive the next fight?

Sunny tells a wonderful story that is very intense, emotional and sexually charged about a demon dead princess who finds romance and a part of herself that she was missing.

Book Blurb for Lucinda, Darkly

For centuries, Lucinda has endured her agonizing reality. As daughter of the High Lord of Hell,she rules over nothing, retrieving the occasional wayward demon and feeding off of the savage Monére-of whom she was a member before she died. Then she encounters the Monére warrior Stefan, who offers himself to her. She is moved beyond measure by her desire for him-and soon finds herself drawn back into the heady eroticism of the Monére. There, she must carve out a home between the jealousy of the dead and the violence of the living, if she is to keep her newfound love-and life…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.50